The Ins & Outs of EV Charging

C40 Charging

If you’re interested in purchasing an EV like the C40 Recharge, it’s crucial to understand one of the most important aspects of EV ownership in Toronto: charging. Fortunately, charging EVs is as simple as charging your smartphone. Whether you have a charging station installed in your home, or you’re stopping by a public charging station while running errands, all you have to do is plug in your vehicle to replenish its battery, and you’ll be back on the road in the no time. Keep reading with Volvo Metro West near Mississauga to learn more about EV charging. We look forward to helping you prepare for the all electric lifestyle

Volvo EV Charging Options 

There are multiple EV charging options available, and each method offers different charging speeds. Here’s an overview of the various electric charging options:

  • 220V Household Charging: Provides between 7–14km of range per hour
  • 11kW AC Wallbox or Public Charging Point: Provides between 50–60km of range per hour
  • DC Fast Charging Station:  Provides between 30 and 100km of range per 10 minutes

How long will it take for your vehicle to charge to 100% with these charging options? If you’re using an 11kW AC wallbox charger, it will take approximately 8 hours to replenish your car’s battery from 0% to 100%. When plugging your EV into a 150kW DC fast charging station, it will take approximately 40 minutes to charge your vehicle from 0% to 80%. 

The charging speed of a 220V household charger varies depending on your electrical system. Typically, a 120V household outlet can fully charge a pure electric Volvo between 36-60 hours.

How to Prepare Your Home for an EV Charger 

Charging your EV at home in Brampton is likely going to be your primary source of charging. Once you’ve decided on a charging option, you then have to prepare your home so that it can adequately accommodate your new charging station:

  • Organize Your Garage: Before bringing your EV home, take some time to declutter your garage and make plenty of room for your new car.
  • Locate Your Power Panel & Assess Consumption: Your home’s power panel distributes electricity throughout the entire building, and it will be rated for the maximum amount of current–which is measured in Amperes. Most new homes have a 100 Amp panel. Prior to installing your EV charging station, check your previous electricity bills to assess your home’s usage. This will give you an idea if your home can handle changing your new EV. 
  • Hire an Electrician: If you have any concerns about your power panel, bring this to the attention of an electrician. You can even have the electrician install a 240-volt plug or add a hardwired circuit back to the power panel. 
  • Purchase Your EV Charger & Have it Installed: Once you’ve assessed your home’s power consumption, purchase your EV charging system and have it installed. 

Learn More About Electric Vehicles with Volvo Metro West

If you’re ready to move away from your traditional, gas-powered automobile, let the team at Volvo Metro West help you get behind the wheel of a new electric vehicle. Utilize our vehicle finder service to find an EV that meets your specific criteria. Reach out to us at 416-231-1984 if you have any questions!

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